In record-fast 8-day transition, Parliament swiftly elects M. Enkhbold as Chairman, J. Erdenebat as Prime Minister; S. Batbold confirmed as new mayor of UB

In record-fast 8-day transition, Parliament swiftly elects M. Enkhbold as Chairman, J. Erdenebat as Prime Minister; S. Batbold confirmed as new mayor of UB

Within eight days of the June 29 elections, in the fastest post-election transition in Mongolia’s 26 years of democracy, President Ts. Elbegdorj approved the list of winning MPs, who were promptly sworn in and then proceeded to elect MPP Party Chairman M. Enkhbold as Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament), and former Finance Minister J. Erdenebat as Prime Minister. Because of the upcoming 11th ASEM Summit in UB, existing cabinet members will continue to serve in an “acting” capacity. According to law, Prime Minister Erdenebat must present nominees for his cabinet within 14 days of his appointment on July 7; i.e. by July 21.

On July 5, at a session opened by the oldest MP, former Finance Minister Ch. Ulaan (MPP), 62, and then presided over by President Elbegdorj himself, parliament elected MPP Party Chairman M. Enkhbold , 51, as Chairman (i.e. speaker). In Mongolian constitutional protocol, the State Great Khural Chairman ranks second after the President and is senior to the Prime Minister. SGK Chairman M. Enkhbold was Prime Minister 2006-2007, and Deputy Prime Minister 2007-2012. He has been an MP since 2004. Previously, he served as Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, 1999- 2005, and was chairman of the MPP 2012-2016 and 2005-2007.

Erdenebat, 42, is a former Finance Minister in the coalition government, 2014-15, and earlier  served as governor of Selenge aimag (i.e. province), 2008- 2012, He is also a Mongolian CPA and  was awarded the title of “Leading Mongolian Banking and Finance Worker.” In a brief address to parliament, the new Prime Minister reassured MPs and citizens that government actions would be “based on the election platform of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP).” He candidly said that the “real truth is that our economy is in a difficult situation,” but promised to “establish a professional, merit-based government at all levels,” that will focus on urgent “economic stabilization and fiscal close cooperation with international financial institutions.”  In his remarks to the nation at Naadam, the new Prime Minister declared, ““It is the duty of the state to live up to the people’s trust.”

[That Mongolia is a young country is underscored by former minister Ulaan being the oldest MP at 62; the oldest member of the US House of Representatives is 87, and the oldest member of Canada’s House of Commons is 75.]

With similar speed, the Ulaanbaatar citizens’ representative khural (i.e. city council) convened on July 6 with its new MPP majority and nominated S. Batbold to be the new governor of the capital district and mayor of Ulaanbaatar City. Outgoing Prime Minister Ch. Saikhanbileg immediately approved the nomination the same day, confirming Batbold’s appointment. The new mayor was a former three-term MP before giving up his safe seat to run for city council.  On July 7, Mayor E. Bat-Uul presented the seal of office to Mayor Batbold in a ceremony at City Hall.

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