NAMBC History

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Welcome to NAMBC

The NAMBC is the largest and oldest international trade association linking Mongolia to the West. Founded in 1990 shortly after the resignation of the Politburo and incorporated in the District of Columbia, the NAMBC is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization of Canadian and American corporations, organizations and professionals invested, active or doing business in Mongolia. We also welcome Mongolian corporate members who share our goals. By decree of Mongolia’s first President, His Excellency P. Ochirbat, the NAMBC was authorized to use the Soyombo, Mongolia’s national symbol, as our logo, the only foreign organization ever permitted to do so.

The NAMBC’s mission is to advocate, advance and expand North America-Mongolia bilateral trade and investment to the benefit of our Canadian and American members. We work closely with the governments of Mongolia, Canada and the US to strengthen bilateral economic ties and to promote policy frameworks that insure transparency and a level playing field in the business climate. We also work closely with our brother organization, the Business Council of Mongolia (BCM), now the leading international business association in Ulaanbaatar, which the NAMBC spun off as an independent self-governing entity in 2007.

We are supported entirely by the private sector and receive no government financial assistance or subsidy. The Council is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership; the Chairman of the Council is our CEO. The NAMBC is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, adjacent to Washington, DC, and maintains a small office in Ulaanbaatar. Originally chartered as the US – Mongolia Business Council, our name was subsequently changed in 2002 to more accurately reflect the bi-national character of our membership. Our official policy is that the NAMBC owes “equal duty” to both Canada and the US.

The NAMBC organizes two major Council events every year: our Annual General Meeting in April alternates between Ottawa and Washington, DC; our annual Investors Conference and Ikh Tenger Roundtable is held in Ulaanbaatar in September or early October.

We also host other special events and briefings for NAMBC members in all three countries, such as co-sponsoring the Parliament Hill luncheon in honor of Prime Minister S. Batbold in September 2010, Ambassador Greg Goldhawk’s luncheon in Ulaanbaatar for the Canadian business community to meet visiting MPs and Canadian government officials in January 2011 and events associated with President Elbegdorj’s visit to the US in June 2011. The NAMBC also makes available to members key government officials for conference call meetings.

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